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The new version of TweepsBook is now out. We have drastically changed the product & added a boat-load of new features. But, we are not done. We are no longer a minor project now. We are working on adding additional features while enhancing the existing ones to give you a better bookmarking experience.

We want to build a product that users want & not what our gut says. Hence we are making every effort to listen to every feedback & implement the necessary ones. We are also making an effort to implement as many features as our users want & hence we have created a form where you can request the features you want. Check it out here.

This project wouldn’t be possible without the help of some indie developers & designers. We are grateful for members like Tanya, Sarthak, Shashikanth, Naina, Disha, Nawed, Ayush, Anubhav & countless other open-source devs. If you want to be part of this ambitious project, please DM Ansh on Twitter. We would love to get you on board.

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